Monday, January 9, 2012

Meanderings 2

So, you sit and write. How's the world you think? how's your life and your stuff and your pets and your interests? How are the people you know and your interactions with them?

Curious questions, all with many answers, the more unique and coherent and the more relations they have to your audience the more likely anything worth writing about will be read when answering them.

Let's talk about facebook. Not really let's as that is 'let us', really I'm using it more as a link between me any you, the reader, for a more personal journey through the ideas I write - not as if I'm an organization or group of people pressing keyboards buttons in turns. So facebook. The majority of people with computers use facebook, they use it to organize events, instant message and talk about their personal lives. When I use it, sometimes my heart skips a beat. New notifications? oh my, people are giving me attention, a mild sense of self-importance flows over me. Somebody complimented me - do I like their post? I just liked a whole bunch of other people who complimented me; would my likes have no value if I like posts too much? Somebody says facebooks sucks, do I reply to them? do I post on others walls if I am not a close friend? Am I due for a new profile picture? am I really benefiting anyone by commenting negatively on the Christianity beats Atheism page?  I don't know. Social etiquette on facebook is just so complex.

It works though, my privacy probably isn't respected nearly as well as it could be but it's alright and hasn't caused me much harm yet.

I can't be fucked writing anymore. Later dildo faggins. I'll talk about more cooler, more retarded, shit next post.

Love and hugs.

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