Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Harmony of The Sexes, Intelligent Survival and Dreams

I think a deep issue, if not the deep down issue behind misogynistic and sexist behaviour is men trying to compensate for their sexual inadequacy/ sexual insecurities.

"And so in order that that shall not happen, for you and I are flukes in this cosmos, and we like our way of life--we like being human--if we want to keep it, say these people, we've got to fight nature, because it will turn us back into nonsense the moment we let it. So we've got to impose our will upon this world as if we were something completely alien to it, from outside. And so we get a culture based on the idea of the war between man and nature. And we talk about the conquest of space. The conquest of Everest. And the great symbols of our culture are the rocket and the bulldozer. The rocket--you know, compensation for the sexually inadequate male. So we're going to conquer space. You know we're in space already, way out. If anybody cared to be sensitive and let what's outside space come to you, you can, if your eyes are clear enough. Aided by telescopes, aided by radio astronomy, aided by all the kinds of sensitive instruments we can devise. We're as far out in space as we're ever going to get. But, y'know, sensitivity isn't the pitch. Especially in the WASP culture of the United States. We define manliness in terms of aggression, you see, because we're a little bit frightened as to whether or not we're really men. And so we put on this great show of being a tough guy. It's completely unnecessary. If you have what it takes, you don't need to put on that show. You don't need to beat nature into submission. Why be hostile to nature? Because after all, you ARE a symptom of nature. You, as a human being, you grow out of this physical universe in just exactly the same way that an apple grows off an apple tree."

The compensation is only compensation though for people who identify as men AND feel insecurity. The idea of sending a rocket into space can be a completely genderless, creative expression of humanity or even life itself, but as it stands its motivation has also been and can be a compensation (We put a MAN on the moon, not a human on the moon...)

I mean really, what motive would a man have to hate or invalidate women? I think the only hate towards women is from men or people who identify as men projecting their dislike of aspects of themselves as hate towards women, who they feel insecure with in some aspect, even if this is entirely unconscious to them (This is not unique to sexism though, projection of our insecurities as hate, malice, evil or dislike towards others or aspects of others or even objects or entities like the sun happens for many different cases). Some men find this defining of their 'manliness' through rape and pilage. However, I also spend a lot of time culturing and reading about bacteria and micro-organisms. Bacteria wage war and compete for survival with other species to a degree, looking down on the culture plates they don't appear to have any concept of sexism though. Looking down at Earth from space at night and seeing our surge of lights defining cities, towns and roads connecting to look like a fungal growth on the Earth, an alien might not think we have a concept of sexism either. So, identifying 'dominance' and 'aggression' with 'masculinity' is also sexism, that is saying dominance and aggression are at heart gender neutral. You could then see the concept of 'men' and 'women' as two competing organisms, competing hedonistically for power or survival, and men winning the race so far. This I see as a complete side-track from peaceful mutual interdependence, due to a completely unjustified sense or idea of security of survival. The foundation for many men is the belief that if they don't put their mark on this world and be a successful tough guy they won't survive and will be inadequate or unimportant, useless, wastes of existence - that this is the only way that exists and the only way to get through this world and pass on their genes/ continue their lineage. It is fine to want to continue humanity but we're going completely the wrong way about survival... survival as a unified interdependent organism doesn't seem to be the primary objective of most people. So really what is happening is disharmonious and unintelligent competition. You know, there is a 'battle of the sexes' but it can be good in the form of a purely flirtatious venture or all-in-good-fun expression, like an art competition... though in that case it would mean any bad interpersonal stuff that goes down is really people being a 'bad sport' with the game they're playing.

A truly free and open society wouldn't necessarily be bursting with orgies everywhere, but people wouldn't be insecure with them, insecure with most forms of consensual sexuality, insecure with their attitudes and feelings towards nature. I've been listening to a lot of Terrance McKenna too and he says another divisive issue can be 'families'. As in very open cultures which had lots of orgies, nobody knew who's children belonged to whom, but this was not an issue, these cultures saw all children as belonging to the total human group and everybody cared equally to all children; men and women fathering and mothering not only their own biological children but those not of their lineage. That is just an example, you can still have families and boundaries but if you're open with what they represent (a tighter interdependent niche still in interdependence with all the other niches), how you feel about them, and aware of others and your connection to nature this is not an issue. The obvious next step would be to disillusion yourself to the boundaries of the family and in and out groups and see yourself as part and parcel with the entire universe as a unified being that depends on the support of all its components to be harmonious and thrive creatively.

If women ruled the world everything would be so much better, but as a wave cannot last forever up or down we would go on a wave of masculine dominance, then a wave of feminine dominance, repeating. I read Atlantis was deeply feminine to begin with and very spiritual, but then got overpowered by masculinity and I think that's why they ended up destroying themselves (still doing research). So, the next wave of our time will be another massive return to femininity just going from that, should feminism have its way and the masculine dominant culture not destroy humanity (Though as I said, 'masculine dominance' is gender neutral at heart, it's really a made-up thing men identify with to feel secure, and they obey its dogma to maintain the status quo and thus their security... similarly some women might also reinforce and act as if its okay for the sake of the status quo too... strictly a self-confidence and probably educational issue). However I think a better option would be more androgynous with either no concept of male or female or with a balance between them (Some people like revenge and feelings of power though, so that could be a driving force to feminine dominance among some feminists). You can identify as male or female if you want to (your behaviour is going to be influenced to some degree by the hormones secreted from your genitals and the pheromones you secrete that affect the behaviour of others, creating lust for the opposite sex[in most cases, to be LGBT friendly, and continuing our species]) but being secure and open about your feelings, sexuality included, in general as a human being should become the norm. Or you could realize physical differences but not use them as parts of your personal identification (as a soul or experiential level)... which is already happening with people using gender neutral pronouns. Using normal gender pronouns is NOT an issue though; identifying, stigmatizing or making gender-biased judgments about people due to their own personal beliefs is though. 'They' I see is a form of spreading awareness. It is a word... like tree, but we should not anthorpomorphisize with stigma (most trees are evil, books are angry demons, your toes get upset if you step on a tack)... I can see a tree as a nice interdependent part of nature, similarly though more radical I can see pathogenic bacteria as nice, interdependent, harmonious parts of nature... the constant activity of our immune system against a manageable amount of pathogens keeps us healthy, just like reading a lot or doing math problems keeps you mentally active or running and straining your muscles keeps you fit... this only applies to survival games though, in the godhead all you do is 'be' without purpose) It is archetypal transference of male and female qualities to truly undefinable energy structures on a 'personality' or 'soul' level  that is the problem. I don't know how to solve all the problems but the cliche 'follow your heart' and synchronicities will resolve everything, along with education. I now think that the ego is not a problem, sexism couldn't happen without the ego, but sexism can also be abolished with the ego in tact. The ego is completely fine and can be completely harmonious, it is just a different perspective of reality that sees itself as not 'feeling' it is everything in existence and instead a separate entity (Me)... transcending the ego eliminates suffering, but you can also eliminate it while still being an ego. Treating evil with love... because loving and accepting your inner rascality and evils you are projecting onto others is being completely with yourself and completely accepting... for you couldn't know and appreciate good without evil... so a harmonious experience with rascality and destruction while accepting it as an aspect of yourself and loving it can be quite a peaceful attitude - just as accepting normal organisms that live on you help keep you alive (except sometimes can cause disease if in over-abundance... so everything is fine if balanced correctly). If you accept we can all be a bit of an ugly cunt sometimes but love that this gives rise to the good and beauty of existence.

Sorry if I was romanticizing a bit much at points... was just being a bit of a fuckwit

Also looking back at this blog... consciousness encapsulation theory I see now is the idea of different forms of experience an ego can take on (any encapsulated form of experience being an ego). My ideas about colonizing other planets and solar systems and being the ultimate survival organism is not necessary to live in a hedonistic pleasure playground, you can disregard human survival completely and just live hedonistically right now (everything dies and comes to an end after all)... though the idea of exploring other planets, solving our recycling, culture, war and disease problems does sound very appealing to me and I would like to see that happen... my egotistic dream... a sustainable (well, until Shiva does the dance of destruction and renews the entire universe to start from scratch... we have at least a couple gazillion million infinitilion years before our fractal complexity gets reset to zero though!) hedonistic pleasure playground of dreams and creativity and appreciation as a neohuman that everybody can agree on. Until we transform into machine circus elves made of language and light that can instantly manifest any idea. Until the return to the absolute godhead.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Future

As JeepersMedia points out, the USA now has the MegaUpload servers with all customer info and IP addresses of all uploaders and downloaders. They can extradite anybody to the USA and put them in prison if they don't pay 150,000$ per infringed item (This works on a per-song, per-episode basis). With new piracy laws immigration at airports can now scan your iPod for 'illegal' songs. Some poohead billionaire who can buy all the shit they could possibly want can send you a notice in the mail asking you to pay, or have you sent to jail forever and ever because really, who doesn't have at least 1000 'illegal' songs all lined up pleasurably for fast administration in their iTunes library? 1000 songs = 150,000,000 dollars! You go to, and die, in prison doing slave labor for the rest of your life because you downloaded some songs. The privatized prisons in the USA get to insert dickloads of zeros into the end of their bank balance as your family pays you to stay there and/or die.

Bittorrent is basically owned by the media too with cnet distributing over 50 clients and bittorrent facilitating programs. They purposely attempt to convince you with many psychological tricks and advertisements to perform illegal acts so that they can sue you and get money. In fact they probably make more money this way than they ever would if everyone who bought music bought it legally. Seriously, as if record producers don't make enough money already. Most early-days, coming-up artists usually give their music away for free anyway and once they hit big time their fame will get them into shows and concerts and ceremonies and they're set for life with money, drugs and sex; the holy trinity, it seems, for capitalist indulgence. Why do record companies still go for more gold, the digital green kind, suing everyone? Greed and stupidity are all I can see.

Perhaps in the future we will have such strict laws and regulations that the inmate and civilian status will be virtually the same. In one you wear the same orange clothes, follow extremely strict daily routines, then sleep. In the other, you do the exact same thing except you have a choice of jobs to do and a more relaxed wardrobe choice. But either way, you are a slave, creativity is out the door, you act like a machine and are treated like a machine and everything is done in a very precise manner or you are killed. I don't think it will get that bad though, rich fat fucks still need new episodes of desperate housewives and America's next top hooker to watch on their 145" superpower fusion doublewidescreen clap-on televisions and need Colombians to fuel their cocaine addictions.

What the fuck. Seriously, as a study from princeton shows, you need roughly $75,000 a year wherein your happiness and satisfaction no longer improves with increased salary. The only conclusion is there are too many stupid people in this world. If I could purchase anything with limitless funds I would still go with my dream of a small apartment, a fast computer, a few nice dinners with my girlfriend a year, and the best job ever; learning about and researching the molecular biology of the human organism; its DNA and organelles; I may not even use half of 75000 given my reserved spending style.

After all, what's it all matter? Moving on, and not entirely related, look at ourselves, we are organisms, organisms exist and gain their success through survival. What matters is surviving. If we can't look into the future and see a world with humans still in it, we are a failure. I want to reproduce biological immortality in humans and offer everyone a choice; reproduce and die or be biologically immortal. You can switch any time from immortality to mortality with children, but not back, and it will depend on the planet's resources. I am talking about any planet mind you. I hope to reproduce biological immortality in myself and offer genius mathematicians, engineers and scientists the ability to stay on this world alive a little longer and get us living on other planets and solar systems faster. On low-populated planets you will be able to maintain immortality and reproduce until a sustainable equilibrium between resources and human consumption is met, wherein the original rule is reinstated.

Once we have mastered evolution and survival, the universe and perhaps the multiverse will be our hedonistic pleasure playground. Nobody can or would want to harm another in the real world, everything would be entirely sustainable and self-repairing and if you wanted you could transfer your consciousness to a computer and act out any fantasy you want.

That is my ultimatum. To spread like the parasites we are and dominate the universe, but in the most sustainable manner for our own survival. Does that sound selfish? fuck yea it is, I am an organism and it's my, and everyone else's, natural drive to say fuck you to other species and become the dominant species. We have to be the most successful in every aspect of technology, psychology and biology; as a species we should aim to dominate the universe, have the best transport possibly produced by atoms, the best DNA, the best computers, the best manner of speech, the best physical movements, the best health; be the best survivors.

With our current society though, we're going to end up dead. We have shit education, shit governments, shit psychological drives and shit interest and investment in technology and science.

I won't give up trying to achieve biological immortality until we're the best fucking sustainable parasites to ever exist and spread like grass and mosquitoes through the cosmos. Everyone who doesn't want our species to be successful should just kill themselves or die right now, they are a liability to our species. If we end up a police state with almost everyone in jail not really doing anything useful we fail as well, we won't have the manpower or mental focus to successfully advance science to the point where we can colonize other planets and escape our dying sun.

What can you do as a person? well, fuck everything and directly aid the advancement of science or at least make it your goal and walk up the right sets of stairs to achieve this. If we do end up a police state I hope we are at least forced to work machines or perform academic tasks and research to get us onto other planets and become sustainable.

Realistically I think we're all fucked and I'm going to end up in prison or dying younger than I would have hoped. At least I can dream.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Conciousness Encapsulation Theory

***In retrospect I now firmly believe existence and the universe is forever a mystery to itself, it can only be experienced and explored for it's beauty and absurdity***

This first paragraph is my 'Consciousness Encapsulation Theory' I wrote on my phone once I put it all together in my mind, I added things in brackets to help make it clearer:

Consciousness is its own force, (possibly) a property of matter, and we (Our individual capacity to experience stimuli) are each a manifestation of this force influenced by the vibration, position and motion of electrons (or other small particles) holding (acting upon) the encapsulated force. When we die this force returns to experiencing the next largest encapsulation, maybe the Earth or perhaps the universe. Our consciousness is just an encapsulated part of the universal conscience. Everybody is just a different encapsulation in a different configuration experiencing different stimuli. Our 'soul,' or consciousness with ability to perceive or feel, is a single point or frequency within an infinite stream of consciousness. Wherever, by luck, our specific frequency exists, we experience the stimulus of the electrons (or other particles) encapsulating it. Neurons, or some structure in them, are the encapsulators.

We could test parts of this theory by studying the molecular basis of neurons and modifying small structures in neurons and seeing whether a person feels different.

With this theory, it explains that reincarnation can happen, sort of, but is based on luck alone (If consciousness can't affect matter). It cannot explain whether robots are individually conscious or not though (yet) as we do not know whether electrons flowing through a robot's circuitry (Or particles in the circuitry itself) encapsulate the force of consciousness, as said we need to study neurons more. We have to, by scientific imaging models and tests, identify the structures in our neurons that, when modified, make us feel different (Pain, pleasure, an emotion, see a colour etc.). These structures will be the ones influencing our consciousness and the structures that surround and hold these structures in place are providing the encapsulation.

I like to think of the force as a malleable plane, like a ribbon, similar to the videos and models of space-time showing planets and black holes producing dimples and stretching the plane. It may not be electrons, it could be any small particle, but it is some kind of particle(s) and their position, rotation, vibration and movement bending and stretching the force that causes us to feel things. The force is a universal 'experiencer' and can feel anything if bent or folded in the right way.

My ideas about what the encapsulators are or what consciousness is acted upon may not be technically correct, but the the concept, I think, is.

1. Consciousness is a force, like gravity or magnetism.
2. 1 or several types of small particles (Electrons, neutrinos, quarks, etc. or something completely different) can bend, stretch, or otherwise distort the force.
3. There are core elements of feeling that have a maximum and minimum intensity with infinite (analog) positions able to be felt between them. All pleasure, pain and emotions felt are a result of combinations of different core feelings we experience. These core feelings would be certain types of folds, bends and distortions in the conscious force - as said we would need to do more research on neurons or other encapsulators to find the core feelings. I believe each core would be a different type of fold, bend or other transmutation.
4. When the force is distorted, this causes the conscious entity to experience a core feeling.
5. To be a single conscious entity (like a human or other organism) you must encapsulate some of the force - like opening and closing a tupperware container in an ocean that encompasses the entire universe.
6. Some particles form a structure that encapsulate it and prevent it from experiencing another's consciousness.
7. The encapsulated force can be distorted, bent etc. by small particle-made structures within the entire encapsulation. I do not know whether things like viruses or non-neuronal cells or trees have encapsulating structures so I cannot say whether they are conscious or not - we need to do more research.
8. If being a single conscious unit makes you alive, then the definition of life is now much clearer.
9. There are infinite different states of consciousness, similar to how there are an infinite number of numbers.
10. We are each a different state (Or number by analogy; we each have our own personal ID number); our own personal consciousness or 'soul' is a certain underlying state; I can only explain it by analogy as being a specific colour or vibrating at a certain frequency.
11. Wherever our specific 'colour' or vibration is encapsulated and molded, we can feel the stimuli.

I cannot explain why only 1 conscious state (ID number) dominates in each encapsulation, but I think it is actually the 'average' of all the conscious states initially encapsulated, like putting different temperatures of water into a glass, the resulting temperature is the dominating temperature - or conscious state.

That is what I think. There are some technicalities for sure and it is unprovable (without further research), but I think it makes a lot of sense. If, evolutionarily, the particles in our neurons have come to produce bends in the conscious force to feel pain, or negativity, when performing actions that may inhibit our survival and pleasure in the opposite manner, then evolution, in some organisms, relies on consciousness and perhaps the force can influence the electrons traveling around our mind (I may be getting ahead of myself here) and the randomness and jiggles of quantum mechanics are caused by the conscious force trying to move particles into a position that will ultimately provide the most pleasurable state for the fabric of the conscious force! If we finally find the equations and models that predict how the quantum world works, we will have found the way in which consciousness itself works!

Then again this could all just be some pseudo-sciencey metaphysical nonsense, I hope I find out some day!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Meanderings 2

So, you sit and write. How's the world you think? how's your life and your stuff and your pets and your interests? How are the people you know and your interactions with them?

Curious questions, all with many answers, the more unique and coherent and the more relations they have to your audience the more likely anything worth writing about will be read when answering them.

Let's talk about facebook. Not really let's as that is 'let us', really I'm using it more as a link between me any you, the reader, for a more personal journey through the ideas I write - not as if I'm an organization or group of people pressing keyboards buttons in turns. So facebook. The majority of people with computers use facebook, they use it to organize events, instant message and talk about their personal lives. When I use it, sometimes my heart skips a beat. New notifications? oh my, people are giving me attention, a mild sense of self-importance flows over me. Somebody complimented me - do I like their post? I just liked a whole bunch of other people who complimented me; would my likes have no value if I like posts too much? Somebody says facebooks sucks, do I reply to them? do I post on others walls if I am not a close friend? Am I due for a new profile picture? am I really benefiting anyone by commenting negatively on the Christianity beats Atheism page?  I don't know. Social etiquette on facebook is just so complex.

It works though, my privacy probably isn't respected nearly as well as it could be but it's alright and hasn't caused me much harm yet.

I can't be fucked writing anymore. Later dildo faggins. I'll talk about more cooler, more retarded, shit next post.

Love and hugs.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meanderings 1

Verizon is like a combination of vertical and horizon. Maybe that's where the name came from.
Green is a nice colour.
I wonder if they still make chiclets gum. Yep
Furries! - Why did I become a furry? Well let's begin in 2009 in England. My best friend, let's call him ACGWDA (A cool guy eh who doesn't afraid of anything) whom I introduced to the catacombs of 4chan only months before informs me "I like furries!". Bewildered I was. I had seen some images and heard of the fandom but had yet to divulge my bandwidth and penis into the subject. I came home after a day of guitar hero and talking about girls with him and hopped onto the intarweb to get sum furreh.

I immediately became captivated. They were so cute. I wanted to snuggle up and yiff every image I saw. I finally realized where my fascination of foxes and ferrets would lead me. The people of the fandom were really nice, sensitive, and opinionated. Personality-wise I've never met an unpleasant furry.
I noticed all around me on a certain technology forum I had been part of for a while that there were several other furries. In a deeply fascinating thread, one of my now favourite users there posted the everlasting repost.
This video was so kawaii ^^ I jizzed a thousand cute furry sperm. The two people phone-sexxing were furries, and male. I didn't mind this at all, it felt almost natural and made me all giddy. I, now a furry, was also recognizing myself as homoromantic - that is, attraction to men, non-sexually.

Now, with this virtuous spark inside me, I delved through tens of thousands of furry pictures, pedantically sorted all of my favourites into organized folders, joined several furry sites, and started camming and talking with other furries online. It was great, I swear furries are some of the most kind-hearted selfless people in the world. Or at least the ones that crossed my path. I know there are fat 47 year old pedo virgin hairy acne ridden basement dwelling derps of human existence that lick their dry lips, scratch their unkempt neckbeard and fap to beastiality before making a hot-pocket and saying goodnight to their mommy. No, I wasn't going to go this way.

To clarify things. At the time of writing I am but 18 years old. I recognize myself as bisexual and I have an amazingly cute girlfriend I love with all my heart's sody-pop.

So what is this furry-fandom I enjoy? Well, I like humans with animal characteristics, the added personality and cuteness this gives these pictures of pure imagination captivates my mind and blood flow to my penis. I am not into bestiality, nonono, oh dear mrhands.wmv and those truly dildo'd up freaky-deaky girls recording themselves blowing horses doesn't spike my fancy - or at least not yet haha. But it is one of my little role play fantasies to get dirty wearing fox ears or a fur suit - minus the cartoony face masks some of them have.

As I wondered. Is this as deep as fetishes get?

Oh no.


Lurking 4chan, niche IRC chatrooms, and forums, my curiousity for the 'out there' soaked in some simply mind-bogling fetishes.

Scaleys! oh yes, who wouldn't want to have sex with lizards and other assorted reptiles, what about dragons? of course! Attraction to mythical beasts permeate the mindset of quite a significant number of individuals.
Mmmm. What else do people get off to... well, these are some actual things:
Hairy laddies
Buff muscular babes (REALLY muscular)
Pokemon (I kind of like some, since for one - I grew up obsessed with pokemon, and two - it mostly fits my furry tastes)
Midgets (Legal pedophilia)
Sexy horse dick action
Vore (Srsly, I dun get get)
Priest/ nun/ catholic pr0n (Very lulzy)
Aminals fucking cars? (Chaching)
Fat furries (I know some people, but I still don't get it)
Fatty fat fat whale
Retarded people
Inanimate objects like tables and doors
Fruits and vegetables

And every combination of interacial, transexual, trisexual, black/white/grey/pink/yellow/green/blue/brown combination of everything you can think of has at least 1 person sexually attracted to it.

It's absolutely awesome and as long as it doesn't hurt others (Other than repulsing them) I hope we can all become more free with our sexuallity and not care what the universe or religion thinks. Except for pedophiles, pls die.

Fuck da police


Monday, March 14, 2011