Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meanderings 1

Verizon is like a combination of vertical and horizon. Maybe that's where the name came from.
Green is a nice colour.
I wonder if they still make chiclets gum. Yep
Furries! - Why did I become a furry? Well let's begin in 2009 in England. My best friend, let's call him ACGWDA (A cool guy eh who doesn't afraid of anything) whom I introduced to the catacombs of 4chan only months before informs me "I like furries!". Bewildered I was. I had seen some images and heard of the fandom but had yet to divulge my bandwidth and penis into the subject. I came home after a day of guitar hero and talking about girls with him and hopped onto the intarweb to get sum furreh.

I immediately became captivated. They were so cute. I wanted to snuggle up and yiff every image I saw. I finally realized where my fascination of foxes and ferrets would lead me. The people of the fandom were really nice, sensitive, and opinionated. Personality-wise I've never met an unpleasant furry.
I noticed all around me on a certain technology forum I had been part of for a while that there were several other furries. In a deeply fascinating thread, one of my now favourite users there posted the everlasting repost.
This video was so kawaii ^^ I jizzed a thousand cute furry sperm. The two people phone-sexxing were furries, and male. I didn't mind this at all, it felt almost natural and made me all giddy. I, now a furry, was also recognizing myself as homoromantic - that is, attraction to men, non-sexually.

Now, with this virtuous spark inside me, I delved through tens of thousands of furry pictures, pedantically sorted all of my favourites into organized folders, joined several furry sites, and started camming and talking with other furries online. It was great, I swear furries are some of the most kind-hearted selfless people in the world. Or at least the ones that crossed my path. I know there are fat 47 year old pedo virgin hairy acne ridden basement dwelling derps of human existence that lick their dry lips, scratch their unkempt neckbeard and fap to beastiality before making a hot-pocket and saying goodnight to their mommy. No, I wasn't going to go this way.

To clarify things. At the time of writing I am but 18 years old. I recognize myself as bisexual and I have an amazingly cute girlfriend I love with all my heart's sody-pop.

So what is this furry-fandom I enjoy? Well, I like humans with animal characteristics, the added personality and cuteness this gives these pictures of pure imagination captivates my mind and blood flow to my penis. I am not into bestiality, nonono, oh dear mrhands.wmv and those truly dildo'd up freaky-deaky girls recording themselves blowing horses doesn't spike my fancy - or at least not yet haha. But it is one of my little role play fantasies to get dirty wearing fox ears or a fur suit - minus the cartoony face masks some of them have.

As I wondered. Is this as deep as fetishes get?

Oh no.


Lurking 4chan, niche IRC chatrooms, and forums, my curiousity for the 'out there' soaked in some simply mind-bogling fetishes.

Scaleys! oh yes, who wouldn't want to have sex with lizards and other assorted reptiles, what about dragons? of course! Attraction to mythical beasts permeate the mindset of quite a significant number of individuals.
Mmmm. What else do people get off to... well, these are some actual things:
Hairy laddies
Buff muscular babes (REALLY muscular)
Pokemon (I kind of like some, since for one - I grew up obsessed with pokemon, and two - it mostly fits my furry tastes)
Midgets (Legal pedophilia)
Sexy horse dick action
Vore (Srsly, I dun get get)
Priest/ nun/ catholic pr0n (Very lulzy)
Aminals fucking cars? (Chaching)
Fat furries (I know some people, but I still don't get it)
Fatty fat fat whale
Retarded people
Inanimate objects like tables and doors
Fruits and vegetables

And every combination of interacial, transexual, trisexual, black/white/grey/pink/yellow/green/blue/brown combination of everything you can think of has at least 1 person sexually attracted to it.

It's absolutely awesome and as long as it doesn't hurt others (Other than repulsing them) I hope we can all become more free with our sexuallity and not care what the universe or religion thinks. Except for pedophiles, pls die.

Fuck da police